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About Us

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1. Missions:

CBSAS aims to: Explore into creative program design; Turn out professionals with global perspectives; Shape up platforms for Sino-American academic exchange and research innovation; Usher in high-caliber internationalized schooling.

2. Organizations:

CBSAS has a Joint Administrative Committee which comprises CIT and four American universities, mainly are University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville, University of Minnesota-Duluth and Troy University. It is engaged to coordinate following affairs: student management, academic management, faculty exchanges and research collaborations. It has annual work conferences to follow up on Sino-American Dual Degree Programs and promote bilateral academic exchanges.

3. Responsibilities:

CBSAS is responsible for managing academic and student affairs, coordinating curriculum planning, course mapping, credit recognition, enrollment plans, application supports, English assessment, incoming teachers, visiting scholars, cultural exchanges, etc.

4. Programs:

Approved by CCIEE and supported by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education, CBSAS encompasses “1.5+2+0.5”Sino-American dual-degree programs in six different programs, namely Finance, Computer Science, Materials Science and Engineering cooperating with University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, Economic Statistics cooperating with University of Minnesota, Duluth, Robotics cooperating with Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and Food Science cooperating with Troy University.

5. Slogan

Start from CBSAS, You Can Go Anywhere.